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This battler pack contains 7 unique designs (5 common monsters - one of which with battle status variation- and a boss ):
- Will o' Wisp
- Antlion
- Sand Crab
- Pot Monster (open and closed)
- Dune Bandit
- Alicanto(boss)

Each of them comes in 6 colors (except for the Pot Monster, which has 4), for a total of 38 battlers! Every single one of them is extremely detailed, and will make your players enjoy fights even more!


The images can be edited to suit your needs, but you cannot repost/rebrand them as yours in any form (this also means you cannot repost them in forums for requests to edit them). You need to credit this website (https://rpgmakerwarehouse.theartofnemo.com/) and/or @theartofnemo (instagram/twitter) if you use them in your project. It would be nice (though not required) if you could email me once your game releases, I always love to see how my assets are implemented 

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorThe Art Of Nemo
GenreRole Playing
Tagsbattler, creature, desert, JRPG, Monsters, RPG Maker


Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

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Man! Finally another pack. I've checked my purchase and it says I bought the Golems pack 329 days ago. Quite a while.

Really love your style. Waiting for your next creatoin.

Thank you! My apologies for the delay, unfortunately I had some serious personal issues last year

This is a great pack, are you planning on releasing more battlers? 

Thanks! Yeah the next one might be ocean-based :)


So happy you're not gone and still doing these!
Your art style is so nice!

Hey, thank you! Yeah sorry it took so long, had lots of personal issues :)


Happy to hear you're doing better ^^
Looking forward to more work from you.